Our History

Where it all began



Edward C. Johnson 3d in Tokyo in 1972.

Our Origins

Fidelity International, as we later became known, was established in 1969 as the international investment arm of Fidelity Investments founded by Edward C Johnson 2d in 1946 in Boston. His son, Edward C 'Ned' Johnson 3d, was appointed as Chairman and filled the role for over 45 years.

Hamilton, Bermuda has been our global headquarter since 1969.

In the same year our international headquarter was set up in Bermuda, we opened our Tokyo office. Soon after, we were the first asset manager to offer a global equity fund to Japanese retail investors, and, later in the 1970s, the first international asset manager in Japan to launch a Japanese equity fund. Our presence in Japan since 1969 laid the foundation for our on-the-ground expertise in Asia.



The City of London in 1973.

Coming to London

Initially established for research purposes, our first office in London quickly evolved. We soon became the first international group to manage authorised unit trusts for clients in the United Kingdom, as well as being able to offer global equities covered from the British financial centre to clients in Japan.

Today London is both our largest research and investment hub, and the UK our biggest market.



Institutional Asset Management

Having started and grown our business with distribution partners to this day, we began managing money for institutional investors in the 1970s. A sovereign wealth fund who became our first institutional client in 1976 is still with us today.



The management board in 1980.

'Fidelity International' is born

In 1980, Fidelity International became independent from US-based Fidelity Investments, and is today owned mainly by management and Johnson family interests. The two companies collaborate on a commercial terms basis when it is in their clients’ interests to do so. Today, our institutional clients also have access to the range of investment strategies of Fidelity Investments and Geode. And there are commercial partnerships designed to evolve Defined Contributions pension service capabilities, working with around 150 common multinational corporate clients.



Hong Kong in the 1980s.

Growing our footprint in Asia

In 1981 we opened our Hong Kong office, which is today our second largest investment hub, with a focus on investment and research across China and South East Asia.



1986, the year the first mobile phone call is made in the UK, we set up a free-phone service line.

Serving pension funds and private investors

In the 80s, we first invested on behalf of public and private sector employee pension funds.

We also introduced products and services for private investors for the first time during the second half of the 80s – such as tax-efficient personal investment plans, available in the United Kingdom from 1987.

In 1986, our first office in Taiwan opened its doors.



Our office in Hildenborough, Kent, is also the seat of the Fidelity Foundations.

Giving back through Fidelity Foundations

Since 1988 the Fidelity Foundations have been giving back a portion of our profit to the communities across the globe in which we operate. The foundations' focus is on strengthening not-for-profit organisations which have the potential to make a significant difference in the areas of: improving disadvantaged young people’s chances in life; health innovation; arts and culture. Taking an investment approach to grant making, we fund strong charities where we feel we can add lasting, measurable value. Often this is through major investments in technology or physical infrastructure.



Our office in Luxembourg handles all global Fidelity Funds administration and client service functions.
Outside the Frankfurt stock exchange: Highlighting Fidelity’s German market entrance in 1992.

Expanding our investment services to investors across Europe and Asia

1990 saw the launch of our Luxembourg registered fund range which could accommodate investments in multiple currencies, first making Fidelity funds available to investors across Continental Europe and Asia.

Between 1990 and 2000 we opened thirteen new offices globally: Beside Luxembourg, in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Italy, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, and in Korea.

Our global presence required new ways of coordinating business and, in 1992, we begun the development of a multi-country investor record system known as GFAS. This proved so successful, it was then licensed to other investment managers.

Today, Fidelity is the largest player in the cross-border active equity funds market, distributing investment funds in over 30 countries around the world.



The online tool PlanViewer, launched in 1995, helps Defined Contribution plan members monitor their retirement pot.

Becoming a pension plan administrator

Having managed money for pension funds since the 80s, in 1994 we entered the business of administering as well as managing 'Defined Contributions', which is money paid into individual retirement accounts by employers and employees. Today, over 800 companies in Germany, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom as well as multinationals, trust us with their DC pension assets.



Growing into a Multi Asset House

Having established a reputation as one of the major equity fund houses, Fidelity committed to becoming a multi asset manager by building out a Fixed Income team in 1995, which today accounts for one third of our managed assets.



Fidelity ads on a commuter train in Tokyo.
Simplifying how our clients can access fund information and investment insights continues to be one of our top priorities.

Adding to our services for individual investors

1998 saw the launch of our Personal Investing business to serve Japanese private investors directly. Today, we have direct distribution businesses in Hong Kong, Germany, Japan and the UK.

As the first investment manager to have a website in the UK from 1996, and the first to sell funds online from 1999, we are committed to advancing digital access to fund information and support to make investing as easy as possible for our clients.



EMX Co, which was cofounded by Fidelity, reduced the complexity of fund transactions.
Through our 'fund supermarket' FundsNetwork we began to offer clients access to a wide range of funds by other fund managers as well as our own.

Developing Digital Investment Platforms for the 21st century

As an industry leader in investment technology and infrastructure, we were a founding member of EMX Co, now owned by Euroclear, which established a UK fund order routing system with technology developed by a Fidelity unit.

With the backend infrastructure in place, we focused on the direct client impact of new digital platform trading opportunities, and with FundsNetwork launched our first online fund supermarket in the UK at the turn of the millennium. FundsNetwork gives advisers and private investors access to a wide range of funds from different investment managers. In 2002, FundsNetwork was also launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Germany, we acquired one of the top-3 domestic fund platform providers in 2008 to form the fund platform FFB. FFB has also been serving the Austrian market since 2013.