Central Functions

It takes a lot to support our core Investment Management business. A huge range of dedicated professionals bring their expertise to the task in the Central Functions of our business.

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The IT services we provide underpin every area of the global Fidelity business: investment, revenue, operations, compliance, finance, legal, marketing, customer service.

We provide day-to-day infrastructure services such as a data centre, networks, proximity services, security, voice, incident management and remediation. Our work is business-critical; our people are committed to developing a commercial and customer mind-set as well as their technical skill set.

Where we are:

UK & Europe, Bermuda, Asia Pacific, India

Human Resources

HR is a supportive, friendly team and a trusted business partner at Fidelity. 

Our aim is to provide strategic support to managers globally to give them the tools and mechanisms to get the best from their teams. That holds throughout the employee lifecycle.

We work with the business to develop powerful employer branding principles to attract top talent, then bring the best on board through effective recruitment, selection and onboarding. Our training, development and assessment expertise helps to raise performance across the business and we use compensation and reward best practice to keep everyone rewarded and motivated.

Where we are:

UK & Europe, Bermuda, Asia Pacific, India, Australia

The legal departments contribute to good customer outcomes and the growth of Fidelity International and Eight Roads. 

The service they offer provides effective, proactive and business-orientated legal and (in some jurisdictions) company secretarial services, delivering pragmatic solutions in partnership with our clients and protecting Fidelity’s interests. Fidelity’s lawyers are highly valued for their contributions in all aspects of Fidelity’s corporate, business and investment activities.

Our Compliance teams manage regulatory risk across multiple jurisdictions in what is a highly technical and fast changing regulatory environment, and through local teams promote a strong compliance culture across the large and diverse financial services businesses that Fidelity operate across the globe. Our consultancy expertise sees us work with the Senior Business Management team, as well as other specialist units such as Investigations and Intelligence, Investment Compliance and Risk and Audit to protect the interests and reputation of our firm, investors and clients.

Where we are:

UK, Bermuda, Europe, Asia Pacific, India

Investment, Services and Fund Accounting

The Investment Services & Fund Accounting (ISFA) teams consist of over 230 staff based across our UK and Luxembourg sites. 

The roles performed within the teams are many and varied with many staff taking the opportunity to move between the various ISFA teams and also to other areas within Fidelity Internationals. ISFA play a critical part in supporting our Investment Management capability and maintain the formal records for Fidelity funds. As a consequence ISFA provides an excellent foundation for understanding our industry.  

Where we are:

UK, Asia Pacific, India


Accurate, timely financial information fuels business intelligence. Our commercially focused Finance teams operate as key business partners across various geographies and businesses. 

The roles are varied, ranging from business partner, financial control, business planning and treasury through to specific roles that focus on systems, change or risk.  They all, however, share one common theme in that they play a key part in helping drive business growth.

Where we are:

UK & Europe, Bermuda, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, China, India

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit team do vital work – they conduct our annual risk-based audit plan and respond to ad hoc enquiries.

Risk assessment and control is fundamental in a world-class financial services business like ours. This makes our Internal Audit work so important. We work with senior managers in all areas of Fidelity and experts outside the Group on everything from business, systems, incident and thematic audits to controls and regulatory reporting. Our assessments ensure the entire business is well-run, efficient and fit for purpose.

Where we are:

UK & Europe, Asia Pacific, India



Administration and Support

The comprehensive and seamless professional support we provide allows our management teams to focus all their efforts on running and growing Fidelity.

Alongside first-class organisational skills, our Administration and Support teams apply keen business instincts to plan and prioritise diaries, meetings and information effectively. Brilliant people skills underpin the success of the function, both to manage high-level, complex, international relationships and to work well as one team.

Where we are:

UK & Europe, Bermuda, Asia Pacific, India

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs is a global function at Fidelity International that works to protect and enhance the reputation of Fidelity with external and internal stakeholders. 

Our stakeholders include customers, advisers, consultants, the general public, policy makers, media and regulators, as well as current and prospective employees. The Corporate Affairs team is responsible for managing a range of stakeholder communications activities and related services such as Brand Management, the co-ordination of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Public Policy and Investment Thought Leadership. 

Corporate Affairs also has responsibility for a number of employee-focused functions such as Resourcing, Talent Management, Learning & Development and Internal Communications, ensuring a strong linkage between the firm’s employee engagement activities and the overall client experience. Employees are aligned with the business vision, goals, values and multi-year strategies in a way that involves, motivates and inspires them to achieve their full potential in a high performing organisation. Furthermore, Fidelity is committed to Corporate Citizenship and making a difference to the local communities in the 25 countries we operate in.

Where we are:


Your training and development

Fidelity International is a true meritocracy where you’ll have the freedom to take charge of your own career as you contribute to our success.

You’ll bring ambition, energy and the desire to keep learning and improving. We’ll provide you with all the support, training and development opportunities you need to do just that.

On-the-job learning

Drive your career

Best training, best opportunities

Working in a fast-evolving international environment will give you options to take your career in many directions, including possible overseas opportunities. What’s more, ours is a collaborative culture where knowledge and skills are shared naturally between colleagues and teams. So first and foremost, you’ll learn through your work and progress through your network.

You know your ambitions better than anyone. That’s why we put you at the heart of your own career planning. Employee-directed learning is the principle at the heart of our commitment to continuous professional development, but be assured we’ll deliver on that promise with comprehensive training and support.

We support your development with a wide range of internal and external training courses helpful to your role, like business briefings for insights into a particular area of Fidelity. If there’s a professional qualification relevant to your role or aspirations, we’ll support you to achieve it. We also host regular networking events, ‘lunch and learns’ and breakfast briefings to help you develop your skills.

Recruitment process

Our interview process is comprehensive but very much a two way street. We want to make sure that not only we’re making the right decision, but you are too. So this is your opportunity to find out about us. Ask about our culture and what makes us different. We think it’s the only way to be certain of making the right choice – whether you’re the person for the role and whether Fidelity International is the company for you.

Our thorough interview process is tailored per business area and role however you will experience at least one face-to-face interview throughout the process. We'll support you during the interview process and make sure you have everything you need.

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