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Fidelity International offers world class investment solutions and retirement expertise. We are a privately owned, independent company, with the commitment and resources to provide the investment expertise, technology and service innovation needed to help our clients achieve their financial goals. 

We invest USD $279 billion globally on behalf of clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Our clients range from pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, large corporates, financial institutions, insurers and wealth managers, to private individuals. 

In addition to asset management, we offer investment administration and guidance for employer benefit schemes, advisers and individuals in several countries. We are responsible for USD $83 billion in assets under administration.

Our history

Established in 1969 as the international arm of Fidelity Investments, founded in Boston in 1946, Fidelity International became independent of the US organisation in 1980, and is today owned mainly by management and members of the original founding family.

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Our investment approach

What is investment management

Building on active, bottom-up research, we create the competitive advantage that is able to deliver superior returns for our clients. Because markets are only semi-efficient, we act on intelligent insight:

  • We have one of the largest global research capabilities with over 400 investment professionals and research staff around the world.
  • We are committed to proprietary insights: Our portfolio managers have access to in-house research, unavailable to others, on 90% of our fund holdings.
  • Our analysts carry out their research on the ground – visiting the shop floor, speaking to customers, competitors, suppliers, and independent experts to form conviction.
  • Over the course of a year, our portfolio managers and analysts attend more than 17,000 company meetings – or one every 10 minutes on average.
  • Our analysts work together across asset classes, e.g. combining insights from equity and credit research, to form a 360° view on the health and prospects of companies.
  • Our industry-leading technology platform gives our investment professionals mobile access to aggregated modelling and forecasting tools, risk management, reporting, and allows them to place trades anytime from anywhere.

This is how we find growth opportunities or income streams that have not been priced in by the market – allowing us to consistently add value for our clients.

Fidelity in your market

Continental Europe:

Our first European businesses managed equities for distribution clients. Now we manage a broad range of asset classes and products: equities, fixed income, real estate, cash, manager selection, and asset allocation funds for institutional, wholesale and retail clients, whilst also providing access to other investment managers’ funds and to market-leading account services for independent financial advisers in Germany and Austria via our platform business, FIL Fondsbank (FFB).


Fidelity Austria manages nearly €1bn of Austrian fund assets, with 121 public funds currently sold via distributors in Austria under the Fidelity brand name. Our office here, focused on sales, marketing and client service for all distribution channels, opened in 1999. Now we’re ambitious to grow. Our office’s target is not only to increase Fidelity’s presence in the Austrian market, but to strategically serve the fast-growing Eastern European markets; Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, from our Vienna office as well.


Having opened our Paris office in 1994, Fidelity now distributes a full range of products (equities, bonds, cash funds), including some created specifically for the French market. We’re recognised as one of the leaders in asset management in France and have built a hugely respected reputation over the last 20 years. In that time, we have also opened a local fund management company and take pride in offering our clients the right mix between a global player and the benefits of a small entrepreneurial business that goes the extra mile on their behalf. 


Since entering the German market in 1992, we have administered assets of €238.5bn. That makes us one of the country’s leading asset managers with one of the largest independent fund platforms.

In Asset Management, we manage funds worth €12.5bn, distributing 140 mutual funds directly and more than 600 funds via cooperation partners. Our platform business is operated via FIL Fondsbank (FFB), specialising in the custody of investment fund shares for independent financial advisors, investment companies and banks.


We opened our first Swiss office in Zurich in 1996. Our success in the market saw us expand operations and open a second office in Geneva in 2004. We’re active in the sophisticated wholesale channel and the institutional business in Switzerland with clients that include banks, asset managers, insurance companies, independent financial advisors and pension funds. Although Switzerland is geographically small, Swiss banks are important to the world's financial industry and contribute substantially to the country's economy. Our clients tend to have important requests with sometimes huge impact and we always try to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. 


Our Luxembourg operation, in the Kirchberg financial district, has grown to become an important European hub since opening in 1991. As a result, we often host visits from senior business heads across FIL which gives our employees a unique insight into the organisation as a whole.

We focus on several Fidelity fund ranges, including our global flagship fund, the Fidelity Funds SICAV, which is distributed in over 30 countries. This is also where we service investors, distributors and products across Continental Europe. More than 175 employees from over 20 countries provide Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management, Transfer Agency, Internal Audit, Fund Accounting, Company Secretariat, Sales and support functions. The office has a real collegiate feel and all our employees are encouraged to share their ideas across a relatively flat hierarchy. 


At the heart of the Benelux team, our Brussels sales office is committed to developing and servicing long-term relationships in Belgium. We distribute our range of Luxembourg SICAV funds, both directly and by numerous local and global players, to clients including insurance companies, mutual funds, corporations, retail and private banks, and finance professionals.

The Netherlands

Established in 1990, our Amsterdam office covers Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications. The small, close-knit team builds long-term relationships with distribution partners in the Netherlands to serve retail, wholesale and institutional clients. And despite being relatively small, we’re one of the biggest asset managers in the region and offer lots of career opportunities to both current and potential employees in a ‘start-up’ like atmosphere.


Italy is a key European market for Fidelity International. Our operation here has witnessed strong growth since its launch in 2000, building close links to a range of distribution partners and wholesale and institutional clients. The team in Milan provides expert Equity Research, Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management to clients including financial advisors, private bankers, asset managers and insurance companies. It is a high energy environment and we are seeing rapid growth and increasing opportunities for development. Employees are encouraged to take ownership of their clients and this certainly helps to create the entrepreneurial atmosphere.


We opened our first office in Madrid in 1998 to provide investment solutions to distribution, wholesale and institutional clients. The team is relatively small with a strong focus on results. This allows us to spend more time with clients, irrespective of which role you are in. As a result, graduate rotations have been very successful in Madrid because individuals can be involved in everything from day one. A number of the team have been on similar programmes themselves, earlier in their careers.

The Spanish market has been through a difficult period: in 2007, there were 54 banks, today this number is down to 17. But throughout this difficult period, Fidelity International has offered guidance and support, and has maintained strong relationships with our customers. Now that the market consolidation is almost complete, the levels of trust are reflected in our net assets, and the connections kept with our customers. 


We established our Stockholm office in 1996 to represent Fidelity in all Nordic markets (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden). The Nordic business has a cross-channel focus with a relatively even split between institutional and distribution business. Our funds here are offered by most leading banks, insurance companies and other distributors.

The team in Stockholm is focused on developing Fidelity's business in the region through excellent client relationships, support, marketing and communication. Already ranked highly for market presence and customer service, we aim to be seen as the investment partner of choice to Nordic investors.

How we run our business

We train many of our fund managers through our rigorous Portfolio Manager Academy programme. New portfolio managers initially manage pilot funds to test their ideas with our own money first. To our clients we offer tried and tested funds as a matter of principle. 

Our portfolio managers are compensated on their long-term performance so that client and manager time horizons and interests are aligned. The same is true for our management, whose shareholdings are for the duration of their careers with the company.

It’s an approach that works: More than 200 awards across Europe and Asia in 2016 alone recognise the consistent strong achievements of our investment and client service teams.

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Business opportunity identified

Fidelity is always looking for new business opportunities and we go about it in two ways. If we have the investment capability to launch a new product, we look to our Investment Team to determine how it could be worked into a new product. On the other side of things, our Sales and Marketing team speak to clients; listen to their requirements and spot gaps in the market place for a new product.

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New fund designed, approved and created on system

Once an opportunity has been identified by the Sales or Investment teams, the Product Development team will progress its potential launch by analysing the competitive market, assessing its asset gathering potential and pulling together a business case for submission to the product review group. Once the new fund has been reviewed and formally approved by the product review group, it's set up on the Fidelity accounting system and in every country and currency that it wants to invest in.

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Fund launched with marketing campaign

With the new fund secured, we'll look to the Sales and Marketing team to launch it into market through as many channels as possible. That might include traditional advertising like specialist financial and general publications, mail shots to existing clients, poster campaigns, conference presentations and direct sales pitches. But we'll also make the most of new media and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and various websites and blogs in order to reach the widest audience possible.

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New client decides to invest in fund

As a result of our wide spread Sales and Marketing activity, a client will decide to invest in the new product. To do that means contacting our Customer Contact Centre and giving instructions on how much is to be invested and in which funds. Similarly, if a client wishes to redeem their holdings and withdraw their cash, they also call to speak to our Client Services teams. As often the only members of staff that a private investor will ever talk to, our Client Services teams are critical to our operation.

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Customer account set up and checks completed

Before a new client can place a deal with Fidelity, our Accounts team need to set them up on our systems - allowing us to record their investment in the funds they wish to buy and account for the cash that they send us. It's also vital to carry out stringent checks as to where the money is coming from to ensure it is from a bona-fide source - a process carried out by our Anti Money Laundering Team

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New client monies invested in fund

Once the client is set up, the Dealing team uses the cash they've invested to buy units in the fund. The units are bought at the NAV (Net Asset Value) price calculated at close the previous working day and based on the value of the assets owned by the fund at that point. As part of our Broker Services, we also charge a one-off initial fee to the client in order to cover the cost of buying the stock in the market.

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Fund manager manages the fund

Every morning the Fund Manager gets a cash flow report. It's up to the Portfolio Services Group to make sure that new client money is invested promptly and that there is enough cash in the fund to pay clients if they want to redeem their existing holding in a fund. From there, the Fund Manager draws on insight provided by our in-house team of Research Analysts to decide which stocks to invest the client money in, or which to sell. It's then down to the Traders to take the stock purchases and sales transactions to market where funds are bought or sold at a Net Asset Value (NAV) price - a price calculated by our Accounting team based on the value of the assets owned by each fund.

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Fund performance calculated and fees charged

The performance of the fund is calculated on a daily basis by our Investment Statistics group. They monitor a fund's long-term performance compared to both its Index and similar funds run by competitors. Each fund is charged an annual management fee that's taken from the total assets owned by the fund so that all clients invested in the fund are charged equally.

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Our awards

Morningstar Awards: ‘Best Multi-Asset Fund House’

31x winner since 2008

Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards 2016:

109 awards in 12 countries

Winner Top 25 Medium-Sized Undergraduate Schemes

Rate My Placement 2014/2015

Top Companies Banking & Finance

The Job Crowd 2014/2015

All data as at 31 December 2016.



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