Fidelity International invests money on behalf of institutions and private individuals. Because we’re privately owned, we’re fully focused on the long-term interests of our clients – with both the commitment and the resources to provide the investment expertise, technology and service innovation needed to help them achieve their financial goals.

Whether you’ve come straight from school or graduated from university, and whatever you’ve studied, you could have a fascinating and fulfilling career at Fidelity International. We value your individual strengths and qualities, and can equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become an expert in your role. 

What is Investment Management

Graduates, Interns and Placements

We invest a huge amount in our graduates and interns. Recent graduates voted us the 3rd ‘Best Graduate Employer (Banking and Finance)’ in 2016’s TheJobCrowd awards, and our intern feedback meant that we were awarded ‘best medium-sized place for interns to work’ 2014-15 by Rate My Placement.

You don’t need to have studied a specific degree subject to develop your professional skills with Fidelity – our people have come to us from a variety of academic backgrounds, including Business, Humanities, Science, Languages and Computer Science degrees. What we’re looking for is individuals with intellectual curiosity, ambition, and those with an absolute commitment to helping our clients achieve their ambitions. Bring this and you can look forward to all the training and support you need to build your understanding, your network and your profile.

Graduate and Intern Programmes


Fidelity apprentices have the drive, talent and ability to make a real impact and are hugely important to the ongoing success of our business. Thanks to genuine business demand, we’re excited to offer a wider range of programmes than ever before. Our Programme Selector will help you decide what to go for, and whichever one you choose, you’ll find yourself well prepared for a successful future.

Applications for our Apprenticeship schemes open in December each year, but in the meantime read on to see if any of the below paths are right for you.

Apprenticeship Programmes

Programme Selector

With so much on offer, it can be difficult to pick the role that's right for you. Our Programme Selector is designed to help focus your thoughts. 

Programme Selector


"This role is all about thinking in different ways."

Alistair, Placement, Human Resources, BA Liberal Arts

We embrace change. This role is all about getting a fresh take on things and thinking in different ways. It’s also research-based – you need to be able to process lots of information, analyse it, and pick out the key points. My degree was research-based too, and taught me to deal with large volumes of information and pick out the important bits. That could be qualitative or quantitative data. Once we’ve got it, we can start innovating, using communication, writing and presentation skills to create the final product. You need to be adaptable, which is one of the main things I enjoy about this position. 

The working culture here is amazing. Everyone I’ve met, from entry level positions right up to senior management, has been open with their time and knowledge, helping individuals to fit in and enhance their learning. That creates an incredible working environment.

"It doesn’t matter where you come from."

Dominic, Graduate, Equity Research, MPhys – Physics

You’re given a huge amount of responsibility in this job. When I arrived, I was surprised by the level of role I was given, and the tasks I was expected to carry out. It was a pleasant surprise, but I was still taken aback. Here, you’re the analyst for your own sector, and you meet with the companies you’re covering. I studied Physics, and having a head for numbers does come in useful. You’re also responsible for your own time. It’s incredibly liberating to be given that much trust, belief and freedom. 

The important thing is to be interested in and research what we do. It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you’ve got that passion, you’ll find yourself at home here.

"There’s a whole world to explore."

James Graduate, European Sales and Marketing, BA Modern and Medieval Languages and Management Studies

As a language student, there’s a huge amount to learn here. The responsibility you’re given is balanced with a really thorough training programme – I get to go to different talks and training days, not just on Sales and Marketing, but on other business areas. I know a lot more about my specific discipline, but I can also see how I fit into Fidelity as a whole.

Now I’m using that knowledge to take my skills global. For my next rotation, I’ll be going to Madrid where I’ll be doing a Sales support role. Then, when I come back to London, I want to find out more about our Product roles. That’s one of the great things about Fidelity – there’s not just a lot to learn, there’s a whole world to explore. 

"It’s a continual learning process."

Zach, Intern, Technology, BSc Computer Science and Multimedia

I work in end-user programme development, which involves making mobile apps for internal use across the business. As you might expect, I was a bit nervous when I started, but everyone here is incredibly supportive and helpful. I hardly ever have to ask questions – my team are constantly teaching me and telling me about the things they think are important. It’s a continual learning process, which is exactly what I wanted from this job.

We value diversity and different ideas are always welcome here. I’m always being encouraged to think outside of the box and I think that’s reflected throughout the company.

Upcoming events

If you can, it’s definitely worth meeting us in person to get a better feel for the human side of our offer.

We'll be visiting campuses globally in late 2016 to give you the chance to find out in person about our 2017 programmes. Some of these events are interactive sessions, some are careers fairs, and some are networking sessions or programme-specific events. View our events calendar here

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