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A truly unique proposition

We endeavour to make the right decisions for our clients, and are committed to delivering constant improvements – we understand the role that the development of our people plays in this. It’s this unique approach that fuels our ambitious plans for the future. It’s a future that will be shaped by the talented, forward-thinking individuals who are part of our business today and also by those who will join us tomorrow.

Our long-term vision places customer experience and talent development at its heart. We are excited by innovation, take pride in developing market-leading products and have an organisation defined by our highly motivated employees. We value integrity and help provide the right opportunities for people who are eager to drive their own career.

Fidelity and you

We’re always looking for fresh talent to help us develop our investment product offering. In order to help our clients achieve their financial goals we need to call on the expertise of a diverse talent pool across a number of stages. We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer and it’s the combination of backgrounds, cultures and specialist knowledge that makes us who we are.

Diversity at Fidelity

Diversity for us is about valuing difference. This could be appreciating different global perspectives, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, different religions and cultures, generations, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability status and all the other elements that make us unique.

Fidelity International features in the Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2018

Fidelity International has featured in the Times Top 50 Employers for Women in 2018. The Times Top 50 Employers for Women is published in partnership with Business in the Community (BITC) - the Prince’s Responsible Business Network - as part of the charity’s Responsible Business Week. The listing involves a comprehensive submission process managed by the gender equality campaign of Business in the Community.

The alphabetical and unranked list acknowledges the focus on gender equality by UK employers and is a testament to our commitment to a gender diverse workforce in Fidelity.

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In promoting a culture of inclusion throughout our business we are proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion campaigning for LGBT+ equality. We are also committed to ensuring employees of all genders and ethnicities are represented throughout our business as part of Business in the Community’s Race and Gender campaigns, and as a member of Fonds Frauen, a women’s network in German Financial Services. Working alongside these organisations ensures that we continue to provide a workplace where our employees can bring their whole selves to work.

What does Diversity and
Inclusion mean to us?

“Inclusion at Fidelity is about creating a culture where people’s differences are welcomed, encouraged and celebrated. Diversity of thought and perspective are valued, so all employees can contribute and reach their potential. We believe that embracing a wider set of perspectives will lead to better business decisions and outcomes.”

Peter Horrell, Managing Director - UK Financial Services


Inclusion is about creating a culture where these differences are welcomed and encouraged to maximise business performance and have the best possible working environment.


Being the best organisation means having an inclusive culture where diversity of thought and perspective is valued and where all employees can speak up, contribute and reach their potential.

Being supportive

We care about being a supportive place for our employees to work and a welcoming place for all clients to invest. And we are absolutely committed to being active members of the communities we serve. As a result, we believe that a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is not only right, it's absolutely critical to achieving our mission. 

Fidelity for Everyone

Our Diversity and Inclusion Network

One of the ways we promote an inclusive culture is through our Diversity and Inclusion Network – Fidelity for Everyone. The Network has branches in our main global offices and is open to all. The Network is made up of employees from across our business and focuses on raising awareness of Diversity and Inclusion through speaker events and activities. We also host networking events and provide opportunities for people to let us know how we can improve.

Our culture

Our culture centres around our clients with a strong central vision: “To deliver innovative client solutions for a better future”.

To deliver the best client outcomes we need a winning team. We have a culture of excellence and innovation and the highest integrity in all that we do. We reward and recognise individuals and teams who deliver on our promise to provide a better future for our clients. Each of us is committed to three core values across the organisation:


We take personal responsibility for always acting in the best interests of our clients. The client is at the heart of all we do, a value that goes far beyond our client facing employees and is paramount in every department and in every country in which we operate. 


We believe in being willing to experiment and try new and better ways to serve our customers. We pride ourselves on intelligent risk taking, and reward those who take the initiative to introduce fresh ideas and original thinking that will help our clients achieve their financial aspirations. 


Fidelity employees strive to be the best whilst knowing that continuous improvement means we will get better each time. Our culture of excellence means that we will always aim for the best client outcomes and be supportive of colleagues throughout the organisation. 


By adopting these values in our daily roles, every Fidelity employee demonstrates commitment, collaboration with a dedicated client focus.

Life at Fidelity

Get a flavour of what it's like working for us.


Investment intelligence


The personal touch

Meet some of our people

Christina Bartels


Head of DC and Workplace Savings Marketing and Communications



Career Synopsis


I started out at Fidelity as a Marketing Executive, and even from my first interview I was keen to start working with the incredible people on my team. It was meeting these people that really attracted me to the role, and to Fidelity as a business.

During my time here I’ve made sure to always look for new challenges and opportunities, and consequently I’ve had many stops along the way to my current position as Head of the UK Defined Contributions Marketing and Communications team. This means I’ve been lucky enough to experience a wide variety of roles and projects at Fidelity, from launching new products and services, to managing the Investor Centre in London or organising exciting press and client events. I think it’s very important to be open and talk about your ambitions and goals if you’re looking to move forward with your career. Over the years, the people here at Fidelity have always supported me when I was looking to take the next step, or take on a new challenge.

My current role involves managing a team of eight communications consultants. We all work together to make sure our defined contributions plan members understand their plan options, so they are equipped to make the right decisions about their retirement plan. The work of my team involves communication consultancy and also face-to-face presentations to defined contributions plan members. I’m really enjoying this position at the moment, but I also have aspirations to work in a role with a global focus in the future.

Eric Oyevaar


Head of HR - India



Career Synopsis

I joined as an Associate in the UK Customer Services team and became a Team Leader of Phone and Customer Relations teams servicing. This is where I learned the basics of the mutual fund world, came to understand who our customers are and gained my first experience of managing people.

My first Fidelity international assignment involved spending a year in Delhi managing a 100-strong customer service team. My next role saw me transition large parts of the UK-based Institutional Operations team to India. And soon after that I was asked to head up around 250 people in Delhi and Chennai, providing support to the UK Retail Operations business. It was during this time that I learned how to balance the need to instil the Fidelity ethos with the need to respect local differences. 

Following my India assignment I had the opportunity to directly support the President of Europe as a Business Manager. This involved a variety of activities including reporting to ad hoc projects and strategic initiatives affecting all aspects of the European business. 

In 2010, I was given the chance to establish an office in Tunisia. My remit was big: selecting locations, building the infrastructure, recruiting staff, developing corporate policies and promoting the Fidelity brand. One of the great things about working here is the company’s willingness to take calculated risks with people in new roles. I’d never set up an office from scratch, so this was a prime example.

In 2013 I started as a Sales Director in the Netherlands, looking after clients within the Distribution Channel. This new opportunity helped me to gain first-hand experience in a distribution/business role.

My current role as Head of Human Resources in India, sees me on the Senior Management Team playing an important part in the strategy and overall decision making on all aspects of the people strategy.

Mike Hakkens


Head of Customer Services Development



Career Synopsis

Career Synopsis

I began my career here in the European Customer Services team in Luxembourg. Since then, the company has grown significantly and our global reach has extended, enabling me to work in various roles and international locations.

As we embarked on the expansion of the retail distribution in Germany, I took responsibility for the set-up and management of our service centre for German-speaking customers in Frankfurt followed by a broader Operations management role there. This prepared me well for an assignment in the UK, in which I supported the transition of operational functions to India and I was then asked to establish the business support function for Fidelity’s Institutional clients in Germany. From there, I moved to the UK to become Head of Institutional Client Services, before taking on my current role in 2010.

This role, within Business Development, has seen me involved in the first major acquisition project in FIL’s history. And I now work with our global distribution hubs in the UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Japan to foster business growth through customer-centred business strategies and culture. That said, change is a constant here and I am certain that another new door will open sooner rather than later. My objective remains to work as a general manager, so another international business development role would be a logical next career step.

Pat Shea


Heads of FundsNetwork and Platform Services



Career Synopsis

After beginning my career with Fidelity in the United States in 1986, I was interested in gaining some international experience. So I accepted a role with Fidelity’s international company based in Bermuda. There I was responsible for establishing a global investment compliance and fund treasury function, before stepping into the position of Country Head of Bermuda for two years.

In 1999, I transferred to Hong Kong where I served as the Chief Operating officer for the Asia-Pacific region. It wasn’t long before I moved to Taiwan to launch and manage our FundsNetwork platform there. My time in Asia helped me to gain greater exposure to FIL’s corporate infrastructure, everything from operations and technology to property and corporate services.

My next step involved relocating to the UK in 2005 and assuming responsibility for Fidelity’s European Customer Services teams based in the UK, India, Tunisia and Continental Europe. After seven years in this role, I was promoted to Head of FundsNetwork and am still progressing in my job – taking pride in helping intermediary and institutional clients to grow their businesses.

Taking on such a wide range of functional roles and adapting to a number of different geographies has helped me earn a broad perspective of Fidelity’s wider business and has given me many opportunities to develop in my career.

Hyomi Jie


Equity Research Analyst



Career Synopsis

With a background in private equity, I’d always had a deep-rooted interest in investment. But it wasn't until my MBA program that I became attracted by the public equity investment side of things. Fidelity stood out as the best place to explore this option, with its commitment to fundamental research and high dependence on internal research resources. So I applied and secured the role of an Analyst covering the Korean consumer sector.

Since then I've moved up the ladder and currently cover the regional internet sector. It’s down to me to seek out investment opportunities and share my sector views and stock calls with PMs in London and across Asia – meeting with the management team of global leading enterprises and keeping dialogues with industry experts across the region. 

Although I am a sector Analyst, Fidelity has supported me in becoming a better generalist investor over the course of my tenure here. Regular country meetings, sector pilot fund meetings, analyst lunches – all these things have helped to open my eyes and ears to different sectors and countries and positively influence my investment recommendations. 

Making investments is an ongoing, fluid process with no real end point. But the period I enjoy most has to be sector initiation. Although a lot of hard work, building an investment framework from scratch while processing a tremendous amount of information is equally as rewarding. My success in this area, combined with my sector and country rotations, means that I’d like to be running a regional portfolio in a few years’ time. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey and learning more about myself in the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fidelity is keen to play an active part in making a difference to the communities in which we live and work. We provide sponsorship for causes and events, giving us an opportunity to align our name to deserving charities and encourage engagement from our employees.

We believe that acting responsibly makes good business sense and has the potential to enhance our investments. As part of our internal research and investment decision-making process, we analyse environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors when we believe they will have a material impact on the investee company. As part of our research approach, we try to gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant ESG issues within our investee companies and to identify these issues before they potentially become events that could threaten the value of our investment.

Furthermore, we recognise that our UK operations have an impact on the environment, especially in the area of energy consumption. We believe we have a responsibility to manage and limit this impact as effectively as possible.