The Investment team is at the heart of the Fidelity business, and consists of four asset classes; Real Estate, Fixed Income, Equities and Multi-Asset. Each of these asset classes work synonymously combining the strengths and skills of separate disciplines such as portfolio management, research and trading. This process is designed to ensure that the best investment ideas are identified and incorporated efficiently within client portfolios. 

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Real Estate

Fidelity is one of the only global multi-asset investment houses to have invested in and created a real estate capability following the global financial crisis. 

Our investment offerings are focused on the UK and Continental European commercial real estate markets where we see the greatest opportunities to deliver consistent performance for our institutional clients. 

Our approach to real estate is distinctive: we employ a stock-picking approach enhanced by rigorous analysis of tenant income and market research as opposed to top down allocation models. Our approach is founded on the fact that no two buildings are the same and more than two thirds of total return from European real estate is typically derived from income. That is why our portfolios do not ‘hug the benchmark’. Instead, we analyse every property on its individual merits and our portfolio construction process looks at risk and return from the ‘bottom up’. 

As a real asset, buildings need to be actively managed in order to preserve and enhance their value. The team are engaged in renegotiation of leases with tenants, refurbishment or redevelopment projects as well as the purchase and disposal of buildings. In doing so, we seek to deliver enhanced performance for our clients through improving the income stream and in turn increasing the asset price of the portfolios we manage on behalf of our clients. 

Fixed Income

Fidelity has been managing fixed income portfolios since 1982 and today manages fixed income assets on behalf of institutional, wholesale and retail clients globally. 

Our investment capabilities extend across the risk spectrum, including money markets, government bonds, investment grade credit, high yield, emerging market debt and inflation linked bonds. 

We are an active manager and believe a diversified approach to managing risk in portfolios is the best way to generate superior risk-adjusted performance. This philosophy is based on the belief that fixed income markets are semi-efficient and that through rigorous research, investment opportunities can be identified. 

The main objective of the team is to commercialise FIL’s fixed income investment capabilities. To achieve this, the team is responsible for representing the fixed income team to prospective and existing clients, providing comprehensive and outstanding reporting on portfolios, promoting thought leadership, creating new products to meet investors’ demands, and generating marketing material to support sales activity. This encompasses a strong knowledge of the market structure, a deep and permanent knowledge of portfolio strategies, a capacity to communicate these in different formats and an ability to support sales teams through direct client relationship when necessary. 


The Equities team manage client investments, and include various roles from Research Analysts, to Portfolio Managers and Traders.

Exceptional research is at the heart of our mission to give clients outstanding investments and service. It allows us to evaluate an investment’s true potential. 

Our clients trust us to make the right investments with billions of dollars of their money. The Equity research function provides single platform coverage which supports all of our Portfolio Managers in various sectors and regions. The Equities business offers a fulfilling, dynamic and challenging environment in which to work. From the offset, our Investment team make a direct and positive impact on the company and our clients through their well-established market knowledge, technical abilities and business acumen. Not only do we have Research Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Traders, but here you could also join the Equity Product team, working with the fund managers to market funds, or you could facilitate the processing of investment transactions as part of the operational team.

Although taking into account market trends, the team are not driven by it and believe that through careful and timely stock selection, great value can be generated. A truly global team who are rigorous and in depth with analysis, the team only invest in companies that are responsibly managed.


Multi-Asset combines heritage with innovation. We provide expertise in Multi-Asset Design, Tactical Asset Allocation, Strategy Selection and Risk Management, responding to the individual needs of clients by designing investment strategies with risk-awareness at their heart. 

Our asset management features a wide range of clients, from personal investors saving into their ISA, to multi-billion dollar institutions. We are a global team with a presence in each of the key regions, serving clients in a wide range of different countries. Within each team we have a wide range of expertise, skills and backgrounds, channelling our varied experience to build and develop premier investment solutions for our clients. 

Our Product Management team is a conduit between our investment professionals and the clients they serve. Responsible for reporting, business analysis and communications, our team’s goal is to build close relationships with clients, understand their needs and to work with the investment team to build better long term solutions.


Our investment team consists of many roles: Analysts, Traders, Portfolio Managers, Investment Directors and Product Specialists. They in turn are supported by our large Operations team, who are responsible for front line implementation in our portfolios. Departments include Portfolio Services Group, Corporate Governance, Risk and Credit Research, Request for Proposal, Equity Communications and Coordinator teams which facilitate the logistical and administrative processes. 

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UK, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Singapore, China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea.

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Fidelity International is a true meritocracy where you’ll have the freedom to take charge of your own career as you contribute to our success.

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Working in a fast-evolving international environment will give you options to take your career in many directions, including possible overseas opportunities. What’s more, ours is a collaborative culture where knowledge and skills are shared naturally between colleagues and teams. So first and foremost, you’ll learn through your work and progress through your network.

You know your ambitions better than anyone. That’s why we put you at the heart of your own career planning. Employee-directed learning is the principle at the heart of our commitment to continuous professional development, but be assured we’ll deliver on that promise with comprehensive training and support.

We support your development with a wide range of internal and external training courses helpful to your role, like business briefings for insights into a particular area of Fidelity. If there’s a professional qualification relevant to your role or aspirations, we’ll support you to achieve it.

Recruitment process

Our interview process is comprehensive but very much a two way street. We want to make sure that not only we’re making the right decision, but you are too. So this is your opportunity to find out about us. Ask about our culture and what makes us different. We think it’s the only way to be certain of making the right choice – whether you’re the person for the role and whether Fidelity International is the company for you.

Our thorough interview process is tailored per business area and role however you will experience at least one face-to-face interview throughout the process. We'll support you during the interview process and make sure you have everything you need.

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