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How do you set your salaries?

We benchmark all our salaries against other top employers in our sectors, including investment managers and investment banks. The figure we offer you will reflect the demands of the role as well as the experience, qualifications and skills you bring to it. We’ll talk to you in more depth about compensation at your HR interview.

My interview’s been confirmed but I haven’t been told who to ask for on arrival. How can I find out?

Everything to do with your interview confirmation is sent to your registered email address. If you’re missing any information about the interview, please email us at careers@fil.com and one of our coordinators will respond as soon as possible.

Who should I contact if I can no longer make it to the scheduled interview or am delayed en route?

If you have any problems attending your interview, please call the recruiter or one of our coordinators on 01737 836888. Failing that, you can email the recruiter at careers@fil.com using “URGENT” as the subject to make sure your message is picked up.

If I don’t make it through the interview for one role, can I apply for another?

Certainly. Your CV will be reviewed individually for each role you apply for. Of course, it only makes sense to apply for positions that match your current skills and experience as well as your future ambitions.

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