We hope this site gives you all the information you need to make your mind up about whether our apprentice programmes are right for you. If not, you may find the answer to your question here.

Do you consider part-time, weekend and executive MBA students?

Yes we do. You can apply for full-time roles through this site like any other MBA candidate.

Where will I have my interview?

First-round interviews take place on campus at your business school. If we’re not visiting yours, our campus team will arrange a phone or video conference interview.

Can I apply for roles in more than one of your international offices?

You’ll select your first-choice office location when you complete the application form on this site, but we do give you the option of choosing a second choice too. You should be sure any location you choose fits with your long-term plans.

What’s the deadline for MBA applications?

Deadlines for full-time and internship opportunities vary. If you’re studying at a business school we visit, there will be a set application deadline to enable us to process applications and schedule interviews in line with your school’s interview policy. All other MBA applications are processed and screened on an ongoing basis as and when we need to hire.

I’ve already graduated from my MBA. Can I apply for an MBA internship?

No. Our internships are specifically designed for candidates in the process of completing their MBA.

How can I prepare for my MBA interviews?

You will be given all the instruction you need on the day. Our best advice is to just be yourself: we want to see your knowledge of investment management and your desire to work at Fidelity.

Do you help with relocation for roles in other countries?

Yes, we’ll provide you with assistance for your international move and minimise the inconvenience of setting up in your new location.

What are the typical career paths for an MBA at fidelity?

There are two main choices: develop into a Portfolio Manager or become a Career Sector Analyst.

How quickly do you make an offer to join?

If you’re applying directly for a full-time or internship position, we aim to have the whole process finished within two months of you submitting your application.

If you’re already on an internship, we’ll let you know in your final few days with us whether we’re going to make you a full-time offer.

Will you sponsor a work permit for me if I come through the MBA programme?

Yes. We provide support for visa applications in line with the rules of the country you’re applying to and its border agency guidelines.