We hope this site gives you all the information you need to make your mind up about whether our apprentice programmes are right for you. If not, you may find the answer to your question here.

How do you set your salaries?

We benchmark all our salaries against other top employers in our sectors, including investment managers and investment banks. The figure we offer you will reflect the demands of the role as well as the experience, qualifications and skills you bring to it. We’ll talk to you in more depth about compensation at your HR interview.

My interview’s been confirmed but I haven’t been told who to ask for on arrival. How can I find out?

Everything to do with your interview confirmation is sent to your registered email address. If you’re missing any information about the interview, please email us at careers@fil.com and one of our coordinators will respond as soon as possible.

Who should I contact if I can no longer make it to the scheduled interview or am delayed en route?

If you have any problems attending your interview, please call the recruiter or one of our coordinators on 01737 836888. Failing that, you can email the recruiter at careers@fil.com using “URGENT” as the subject to make sure your message is picked up.

If I don’t make it through the interview for one role, can I apply for another?

Certainly. Your CV will be reviewed individually for each role you apply for. Of course, it only makes sense to apply for positions that match your current skills and experience as well as your future ambitions.

future ambitions.


Our Commitment to You

Whether you are successful in your application to Fidelity International or not, we want your experience of our recruitment process to be a good one. We aim to maintain high standards in all our communications and contact with you and we welcome your feedback.

We know that from time to time unscrupulous individuals impersonate companies and conduct a bogus recruitment selection process in order to defraud unwitting candidates, usually by asking them to transfer money. Please be aware that:

  • All communications from us will use our registered email domain. We will never use third party email addresses like Gmail or Yahoo!
  • We do not operate in the United States or Canada so we have no staff or roles based in these countries
  • We will communicate with you individually and not email you in a group of other candidates
  • Our communications will be presented professionally using correct spelling and grammar
  • We will never ask you to pay us money for anything and we will not ask you to purchase office supplies to enable you to work
  • Requests for sensitive personal data such as bank details will only come after a face-to-face interview and subsequent offer of employment. If you have any concerns at all please contact us at 
  • Although some of our interviews are performed on video platforms (Polycom and Skype only), we will never conduct an interview/interview screening via any instant message platform (i.e., Yahoo! Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Talk, Google Hangouts etc).
  • We will not ask you to create a social media profile of any kind to help with the facilitation of your candidacy for employment

If you have any concerns please email us at careers@fil.com

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