Our Technology department is an exciting place to be. And joining us as an apprentice, you’ll work with some of the most ground-breaking resources in the industry, supporting and delivering innovative, creative solutions for our clients.

“So far I’ve been able to work with a number of different teams, such as Desktop Services, Software Delivery and the Future Desktop Team. I’ve been able to put the knowledge I’ve gained to use in my day-to-day role.”

– Kieran, Fidelity Apprentice

Joining the team at our Hildenborough, London or Kingswood offices, you’ll undertake a number of different roles, each of which has been designed to challenge you and give you an idea of how technology supports the overall business. From working with project teams to designing iPhone apps and presenting solutions to the wider business, you can be sure that your role will be both diverse and exciting. 

Programme overview

What you'll be doing

Our technology programmes run for between 18 months and 3 years, depending on the qualification you'll be working towards. During this time, you’ll build up your skills and experience by taking on different roles across the department. We’ll also enrol you in industry-recognised, professional qualifications to support your development and career goals. So, by the end of the scheme, you should have all the basic skills you need to pursue a successful career at Fidelity. 

What we look for

Our Technology apprentices are bright, independent thinkers with a serious interest in technology. You’ll need to have GCSEs in Maths and English, but we accept applications from A Level and BTEC students too, no matter what your grades. 

Logically minded with a strong attention to detail, you’ll be able to spot solutions to problems quickly. And you’ll also need to be a team player, as you’ll be working with others throughout your apprenticeship to devise innovative, Technology solutions. Strong numerical or analytical skills are essential and you’ll also need to be a great communicator. If you can add to that the passion and drive to further your career in Technology, this could be the perfect apprenticeship for you. 

Training and development

Be prepared to learn fast as a Technology apprentice. We’ll take care of your technical and professional skills development through a mix of internal and external training.


We'll support you in gaining industry-leading and relevant qualifications, starting with an Intermediate Level 3 qualification, and progressing you on to an Advanced Apprenticeship to really develop and grow your knowledge.

How we make it happen

Through outstanding investment solutions and world class customer support, we do the utmost to help our clients achieve their financial goals. As part of that, we’re always on the lookout for new business opportunities, ways to refresh our investment product offering, as well as for prospective new clients to invest – something that calls for the expertise of a variety of teams across a number of stages. It’s the combination of their specialist knowledge that makes it all happen.

Use our interactive game to learn more about each step in the process

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Test your knowledge by ordering each step one through to eight on the right. You’ll get two chances to score eight out of eight.

If you’re interested in a particular part of the process, you can click through to view the related graduate programme or internship.


Business opportunity identified

Fidelity is always looking for new business opportunities and we go about it in two ways. If we have the investment capability to launch a new product, we look to our Investment Team to determine how it could be worked into a new product. On the other side of things, our Sales and Marketing team speak to clients; listen to their requirements and spot gaps in the market place for a new product.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Sales and Marketing or Business Management graduate programmes.

New fund designed, approved and created on system

Once an opportunity has been identified by the Sales or Investment teams, the Product Development team will progress its potential launch by analysing the competitive market, assessing its asset gathering potential and pulling together a business case for submission to the product review group. Once the new fund has been reviewed and formally approved by the product review group, it's set up on the Fidelity accounting system and in every country and currency that it wants to invest in.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Business Management and Operational Management graduate programmes.

Fund launched with marketing campaign

With the new fund secured, we'll look to the Sales and Marketing team to launch it into market through as many channels as possible. That might include traditional advertising like specialist financial and general publications, mail shots to existing clients, poster campaigns, conference presentations and direct sales pitches. But we'll also make the most of new media and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and various websites and blogs in order to reach the widest audience possible.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Sales and Marketing or Business Management graduate programmes.

New client decides to invest in fund

As a result of our wide spread Sales and Marketing activity, a client will decide to invest in the new product. To do that means contacting our Customer Contact Centre and giving instructions on how much is to be invested and in which funds. Similarly, if a client wishes to redeem their holdings and withdraw their cash, they also call to speak to our Client Services teams. As often the only members of staff that a private investor will ever talk to, our Client Services teams are critical to our operation.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Sales and Marketing graduate programme.

Customer account set up and checks completed

Before a new client can place a deal with Fidelity, our Accounts team need to set them up on our systems - allowing us to record their investment in the funds they wish to buy and account for the cash that they send us. It's also vital to carry out stringent checks as to where the money is coming from to ensure it is from a bona-fide source - a process carried out by our Anti Money Laundering Team

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Operational Management graduate programme.

New client monies invested in fund

Once the client is set up, the Dealing team uses the cash they've invested to buy units in the fund. The units are bought at the NAV (Net Asset Value) price calculated at close the previous working day and based on the value of the assets owned by the fund at that point. As part of our Broker Services, we also charge a one-off initial fee to the client in order to cover the cost of buying the stock in the market.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Equity Research, Fixed Income, Fidelity Solutions graduate programmes.

Fund manager manages the fund

Every morning the Fund Manager gets a cash flow report. It's up to the Portfolio Services Group to make sure that new client money is invested promptly and that there is enough cash in the fund to pay clients if they want to redeem their existing holding in a fund. From there, the Fund Manager draws on insight provided by our in-house team of Research Analysts to decide which stocks to invest the client money in, or which to sell. It's then down to the Traders to take the stock purchases and sales transactions to market where funds are bought or sold at a Net Asset Value (NAV) price - a price calculated by our Accounting team based on the value of the assets owned by each fund.

If this part of the process interests you, find more out about:

Fund performance calculated and fees charged

The performance of the fund is calculated on a daily basis by our Investment Statistics group. They monitor a fund's long-term performance compared to both its Index and similar funds run by competitors. Each fund is charged an annual management fee that's taken from the total assets owned by the fund so that all clients invested in the fund are charged equally.

If this part of the process interests you, find out more about our Business Management graduate programme.

Recruitment process

Our interview process is rigorous and comprehensive. We think it’s the only way to be certain of making the right choice – whether you’re the person for the role and whether Fidelity International is the company for you.


Every application starts on this website via our online application form. Take your time to get this right and make a great first impression.


If we like what we see in your application, we’ll arrange a telephone interview. This will last for around 30 minutes and give you a chance to tell us more about your background and reasons for wanting to work at Fidelity.


Impress us over the phone and we’ll invite you to the centrepiece of our selection process. Over the course of a day at our Assessment Centre, you’ll have every opportunity to showcase your skills during interviews, presentations and a group exercise. Meanwhile, a presentation from a senior manager and socialising time over lunch will give you more information to help you make your mind up about us.


Opportunities for 2016 are now open for applications.

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