About Fidelity

Fidelity Worldwide Investment is one of the world’s leading investment fund managers. As of 30th June 2013, we look after assets worth US$243.4bn and are dedicated to achieving the best possible returns for our investors. And we’ve been doing it for a long time. Founded in 1969 in Bermuda, we now employ over 6,000 people in 24 countries.

Fidelity in your Market



Our first UK office opened in London in 1973, first for research, then for the marketing and distribution of funds. We now have some 2,500 people working in three main offices at Lower Kingswood in Surrey, Hildenborough in Kent and Cannon Street in London.

We manage a broad range of asset classes and products in the UK, including equities, fixed income, real estate, cash, manager selection, and asset allocation funds.

We also distribute the funds of other investment managers through our FundsNetwork platform and offer market-leading account services, some based on web and mobile technologies. Our research-led investment approach gives our fund managers the freedom to express their investment style in their portfolios. Every investment is made on its own merits after a thorough analysis of its fundamentals.


Set up in 2000 to administer Fidelity's Institutional Liquidity Fund, our Dublin office has grown over the years. Today we employ 30 people across seven business functions: Client Services, Fund Accounting, Client Relationship Management, Legal, Compliance, Corporate Treasury and Multinational Life Company.

The office is on the historical Digges Lane, adjacent to Grafton Street and just three minutes’ walk from St. Stephen's Green.

What We Do

Facts and Figures

  • We won over 132 fund awards at the 2012 Lipper Fund Awards ceremonies across Europe and Asia.
  • We've been named Best Pan-European Fund Management Group eight times in ten years.

Our pioneering investment approach has been copied but never bettered. It’s made us one of the leading players in global asset management, which today makes Fidelity a unique place to advance your career.

“We are simply doing what you might do if you had the facilities, the time and the inclination to do it yourself.”

So said Edward C Johnson II, founder of Fidelity Investments, in 1946. And what we were doing then, we’re still doing today: building investment portfolios stock by stock, using the most in-depth research and analysis to judge each investment on its true merits.

We started out using this ‘bottom-up’ approach to stock picking for equities only, on behalf of institutional and retail clients. Over the years we’ve grown to manage a much broader range of assets classes and products, including fixed income, real estate, cash, manager selection and asset allocation funds.

Today, we also distribute other investment managers’ funds through our platform businesses, FundsNetwork and FIL Fondsbank and offer market-leading account services, some based on the latest web and mobile technologies.

Bottom-up Stock Picking

We believe in-house analysis is more reliable than purely the bought-in variety. That’s why we’re home to one of the largest buy-side research teams in the world. Their meticulous, expert probing gets fully under the skin of the companies we’re assessing for investment. We visit those companies, meet their managers, explore the factory floor, research suppliers and make comparisons with competitors.

It’s 360⁰ research aimed at understanding the business completely and finding something significant that others may miss. A growth opportunity, maybe, or income stream that hasn’t been priced into today’s valuation.

Company-Contact-Intensive Research

Even in a time of global communication networks and sophisticated screening software, we believe that only by meeting a company first-hand can we accurately assess its performance and potential for the future. This is the hallmark of what we call a “company-contact-intensive” research process and we do it on a different scale to many other fund providers.

At the same time, our Analysts and Portfolio Managers are always looking for new sources of company information. Anything from surveys of a company’s client base to qualitative feedback on the management styles of individual company directors can provide insight. We share those insights between research teams to get maximum value from them.

Our Background

Fidelity Worldwide Investment has always believed in the long-term potential of international markets. That’s why we’ve built such a formidable research and investment management team since we were established in 1969. Our products and services have also developed a strong presence in major markets around the world.

Here we’ve summarised just some of the key milestones in our growth and development.


Fidelity’s roots established in the US
Edward C. Johnson 2nd takes over the mutual Fidelity Fund, and forms the Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMR) to act as the fund’s investment advisor. FMR launches more funds and earns a reputation for superior performance.


Fidelity International Limited is born
Fidelity Management & Research (Bermuda) Limited, set up by FMR to take advantage of the long-term potential of international markets, becomes Fidelity International Limited. The company launches its first two products and opens an office in Tokyo.


Our London office opens
Funds are initially offered to investors and institutions in Japan, the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


We offer Funds to US corporate pension markets
By the end of the 1970s, Fidelity International had seven mutual funds – attracting more than US$200 million in assets – and 52 staff.


Fidelity International becomes independent
We separate from Fidelity Management & Research, expand into the Asia Pacific region and make major progress in our UK business. Within ten years of our launch we are the country's sixth largest unit trust company.


Our Hong Kong office opens
It focuses on investment and research across South East Asia, as we are sure the region has considerable investment potential.


We open our Taiwan office
We obtain a Securities Investment Consulting Cooperation (SICE) licence, which allows us to distribute funds in Taiwan both directly and through intermediaries.


We set up our Charitable Foundation
The Fidelity UK Foundation represents our philanthropic interests in the communities where we operate. It focuses on not-for-profit organisations that have the potential to make a significant difference in their chosen fields.


We open nine new offices
This is a decade of expansion as we open offices in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Spain and Austria.


The start of UK Defined Contribution business
Our DC business offers retail funds to full-service and investment-only clients. We launch our online PlanViewer tool the following year to help members monitor their investments.


We’re first online
We are the first investment group in the UK to have a website. We follow that major achievement up with another in 1999 when we become the first UK investment group to sell products online.

The 21st Century

We continue to invest during a Bear market
Between 2000 and 2008 our assets under management more than double. We invest in new businesses and initiatives, and partner with major banks and insurance companies distributing investment products in Europe and Asia.


New offices open around the world
The first decade of this century sees us open new offices in Italy, Ireland, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Belgium. We also open a second Swiss office in Geneva.


FundsNetwork™ and ShareNetwork™ launch in the UK
FundsNetwork™, our online fund supermarket, offers Fidelity and third-party funds. ShareNetwork™ allows people to buy and sell shares online. Today FundsNetwork™ leads the market, offering over 1,100 funds from 50 investment companies.


New back-office functions in Delhi and Mumbai
We establish a new technology company to make our systems spend more efficient. This is the start of our strategy to support the growth of our business by using India as a major source of cost-effective talent.


We launch Target Funds in Germany
We make a bold entry into the retirement business in Germany when we become the first company to launch life-cycle funds in this market.


Our first China office
We've long recognised the potential of the Chinese market. The Shanghai Representative office is the first of our three offices in mainland China.


We launch our first domestic fund in India
This raises over US$300 million – making it the fifth largest equity fund in the country.


We launch our first global property fund
We launch our first global property fund.


We launch online investment in India
A new service called Fidelity Online enables clients in India to make investments and manage their portfolios on the web.


A new Investor Centre in Taiwan
Our first retail branch in Kaohsiung, in the south of Taiwan, celebrates its grand opening.


We purchase German platform business FFB
We agree the purchase of FFB (a fund platform business similar to Funds Network) in Germany.


Our first iPhone app
We are the first fund management company and fund supermarket to launch a UK iPhone application. The app is downloaded more than one thousand times in its first week.


A new location in North Africa
We open a new office in Tunisia as part of an expansion of our customer operations and technology services.


China public website launches
Our first ever website in China helps drive our brand awareness in this important market.


Our own dedicated YouTube channel
Our dedicated finance channel on YouTube, FidelityUK, is open to all audiences – from inexperienced to professional investors.


A new brand identity
Fidelity International becomes Fidelity Worldwide Investment. We introduce our new brand to our investors and the marketplace.


A new iPad app for Germany
The new iPad app launched by our German business helps us capitalise on a fast-growing channel – tablets.


We launch our first Women’s Network
The launch event at our Cannon Street office is attended by more than 80 network members. Guest speakers include President of Financial Services, Thomas Balk, Chief of Staff, Sally Nelson, and Head of European Equities, Paras Anand – all advocates of the importance of a Women's Network.

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